Economic Outlook

Premier’s Economic Outlook highlights emerging economic and industry trends to put healthcare executives ahead of the curve. Each edition of the Outlook reveals key financial, clinical and supply chain insights from a diverse range of industry experts.

The Economic Outlook is full of actionable knowledge on best practices and strategies to improve your organization’s performance – all drawn from the industry’s most progressive leaders.

Spring 2015 Economic Outlook

As health systems expand as end-to-end care facilities – including home health aides, palliative care, urgent care and physician offices – it’s important that their internal processes follow suit. Increasingly capable and integrated data systems give health system executives and employees the visibility necessary to drive improvements in cost, quality and outcomes across disparate departments and facilities.

Purchase your copy of the spring 2015 Economic Outlook to learn how to coordinate the supply chain life cycle, whether in procurement of supplies or a full-scale change in the way services are contracted and savings monitored.

Fall 2014 Economic Outlook

The business of healthcare is changing and healthcare executives are looking beyond short-term fixes to determine both large and small drivers of long-term financial sustainability. The supply chain has long gone after the low-hanging fruit of cost reduction, but now health systems and other stakeholders must climb high in the trees to identify sustainable savings.

Purchase your copy of the fall 2014 Economic Outlook to learn the fundamental, instrumental and, often, monumental steps that healthcare stakeholders are taking to achieve long-term financial sustainability.

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