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Innovation Celebration


Innovation Celebration


Company: Biotronik
Product: DX System

The BIOTRONIK DX System is a first-in-class implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD) system that has the unique ability to detect electrical signals from two cardiac chambers utilizing only one lead.

This revolutionary technology combines benefits of both single- and dual–chamber ICDs: early detection of silent atrial fibrillation to reduce the risk of stoke; more accurate arrhythmia diagnosis and dual-chamber discrimination to reduce inappropriate shocks; yet with less hardware, which means less complications, reduced mortality, faster implant times, and elimination of the cost for an atrial lead.

The BIOTRONIK DX System defines a new paradigm in ICD therapy.


Company: Nurtured By Design
Product: Kangaroo Zak™

The Kangaroo Zak™ is an innovative device ergonomically designed with the sole objective of facilitating safe, prolonged, and effective kangaroo care sessions in the NICU and Post-partum. It provides comfort, proper positioning, and sense of security to the baby during the continuous contact so that s/he can reach the deep sleep necessary to heal, grow and develop the brain. The Kangaroo Zak successfully incorporates ergonomic principles with the philosophy of the Kangaroo Care Method to provide the most effective environment/habitat for the baby and for the parent so that the sessions are safe and prolonged and the benefits and results maximized.


Company: Sarstedt
Product: S-Monvette®

The revolutionary S-Monovette® from Sarstedt combines the advantages of existing blood collection products for a safe, cost-effective, and eco-friendly system adaptable to any patient condition.  A fresh vacuum is guaranteed for quick collections from healthy veins, or a gentle aspiration technique accommodates fragile veins - without additional steps or components.  Studies show that direct sample aspiration with the S-Monovette® can significantly reduce hemolysis and subsequent specimen rejection rates associated with IV catheter collections.


Company: BLOXR
Product: BLOXR

BLOXR radiation protection aprons, thyroid collars and attenuating caps are designed with the clinician in mind.  Our revolutionary bi-layer technology eliminates the use of lead or toxic metals while maintaining .5mm lead equivalent attenuation.

All BLOXR products are nontoxic, biocompatible, and easy to dispose of saving high costs of lead maintenance, tracking and removal.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear our unique materials make the product extremely flexible.  BLOXR products can be bent and folded without cracking or radiation leaks. When the product becomes soiled simply machine wash or with our disposable caps and collars replace with a new, clean item.


Company: Kentec Medical
Product: Ameritus First Pump

Ameritus 1st Enteral Syringe Pump is dedicated solely to the delivery of enteral feedings in the NICU and PICU.  Easy to program, easy to operate, it requires only volume and time adjustments.  1st Pump automatically detects syringe volume and calculates flow rate.

The pump may be mounted vertically or horizontally, and will deliver intermittent or continuous feedings.  Compact and lightweight, AC or battery powered, virtually silent during operation, Ameritus 1st Enteral Pump is the safe, cost effective choice for dedicated enteral syringe feedings.   It does one thing and one thing only: Ameritus 1st Pump Delivers


Company: Angiotech
Product: Biosentry Tract Sealant System

BioSentry Tract Sealant System is a single-use, disposable system designed to significantly reduce the risk of pneumothoraces associated with percutaneous lung biopsies. Once deployed, the patented BioSentry hydrogel plug swells as it hydrates into the pleural space, creating an airtight seal that closes the pleural puncture.  The BioSentry hydrogel plug is made from a synthetic tissue friendly polymer that fully absorbs into the body after healing of the puncture site has occurred.  The BioSentry plug also serves as a physical marker of a biopsy location for visualization during surgical resection.  Bio-Sentry can be used with both fine need aspiration (FNA) and core percutaneous lung biopsy instruments.


Company:  Olympus America, Inc.
Product:  Thunderbeat

The THUNDERBEAT platform is the world’s only integration of ultrasonic and advanced bipolar energies delivered through a single multi-functional instrument. The patented jaw design provides precise, controlled dissection and always-available bipolar coagulation without sacrificing grasping ability allowing a surgeon to simultaneously seal and cut vessels up to and including 7 millimeters in size with minimal thermal spread. Surgeons no longer need to choose between rapid dissection and reliable hemostasis when selecting an advanced energy device.  THUNDERBEAT has unprecedented versatility for a variety of surgical procedures.


Company: Olympus America, Inc.

The ENDOEYE FLEX 5 is the world’s only autoclavable 5mm HD Articulating Video-laparoscope. It offers HD resolution in a 5mm diameter providing bright, crisp images enabling surgeons to see fine details during laparoscopy. The scope allows 100 degree angulation in all directions providing complete visualization of complex anatomical structures. The integrated all-in-one design enables easy setup and a simple plug-and-play operation. The advanced optical design makes the scope Focus Free, eliminating manual focusing by the surgeon during the procedure. Following the procedure, the ENDOEYE FLEX 5 can be autoclaved generating significant reprocessing cost savings when compared with chemical-based sterilization methods.


Company:  Spaulding Clinical
Product: Electrocardiograph and WebECG Management Service

Spaulding Clinical is a revolutionizing cardiovascular care with the Spaulding Electrocardiograph and WebECG™ Management Service.  The single button, hand-held electrocardiograph acquires up to 5-minutes of ECG data in the home, office, clinic or hospital, and instantly uploads information to a secure cloud-based server, so there’s no upfront capital equipment cost. High-quality diagnostic ECGs including patient demographics, automated measurements and interpretations are easily viewed on a browser, anytime, anywhere, and ECG report is automatically archived to the electronic medical record. The innovative WebECG slashes the cost of ECG acquisition and management, increases patient access to care, and enables real-time clinical decisions.


Company: Tangent Medical
Product: NovaCath™ Integrated IV Catheter System

The NovaCath™ Integrated IV Catheter system is a pre-assembled, closed IV catheter system that integrates advanced catheter stabilization, blood control, passive needle safety, full needle encapsulation, and next-generation tubing management on every IV start. Based on extensive clinical research into the needs of both healthcare workers and patients, this patented system will establish a new standard in catheter design, functionality and performance. NovaCath is designed to improve clinical outcomes and patient comfort, hospital compliance and healthcare worker safety, while exceeding the highest standards from OSHA, CDC, and the Infusion Nurses Society for stability.


Company: SKYTRON

20% of all pharmacy stocked kits have expired or incorrect medicines.  KitCheck provided by Skytron gives your facility a more effective and efficient Pharmacy Department while increasing patient safety.  In two seconds, KitCheck inventories your kits, including lot numbers and expiration dates, eliminating pharmacy kit errors.  Recalls and shortages are easy to manage and human error is removed. KitCheck keeps track of billing and generates charge sheets automatically. The system can be set up securely in less than 90 minutes without IT involvement. Give your facility the highest level of accountability with KitCheck.


Company: AngioDynamics
Product: BioFlo PICC

The BioFlo PICC is the only PICC manufactured with Endexo Technology, a permanent and non-eluting polymer, resulting in a catheter that is more resistant to the accumulation of platelets and thrombus. In-vitro blood loop tests have shown that the BioFlo PICC has 87% less thrombus accumulation on its surface compared to commonly used PICCs.  The BioFlo Technology has been proven to be effective in reducing thrombus accumulation which can lead to central line infections.  Additionally, the BioFlo Technology is a proprietary additive that is present throughout the catheter shaft material providing long-term durability that lasts the life of the device because Endexo is not applied as a coating or impregnated into the catheter.


Company: Laser Engineering, Inc.
Product: UltraLase Wave Guide

The UltraLase Wave Guide, the result of collaborative innovation between LEI and Rutgers University, is the first, FDA Approved technology allowing CO2 energy to be used in a flexible Silica fiber.  The fiber acts as an optical scalpel with a haemostatic cutting up close at 2mm-3mm, ablation and coagulation is achieved at 5-10mm.

The UltraLase Wave Guide is becoming the surgeon’s choice for ease of use, dependability, and safely delivering CO2 laser energy.


Company: MAQUET

The new CARDIOSAVE IABP represents state-of-the-art in Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump design.  Primary focus was given to the user interface, utilizing the latest technology to improve user interface attributes, while retaining the familiar look and feel to the long line of IABPs. An innovative pneumatic system and enhanced algorithms optimizes counterpulsation performance.  Special emphasis was given to transport attributes resulting in a smaller and lighter pump, while hot-swappable, lithium ion batteries better meet the rigors of IABP patient transport.


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