Basic safety programs dramatically cut tragedies in childbirth Last Updated: March 19, 2015
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The Huffington Post: The prevalence of injuries and fatalities in childbirth is among the most anguishing problems in healthcare. The heartache of having a baby die or suffer injuries necessitating lifelong care is incalculable. Meanwhile, the potential liability for untoward outcomes in delivery drives up doctors’ liability insurance rates, prompting periodic warnings that obstetricians are being driven out of business. But it turns out that solutions exist to preventing a significant percentage of the tragedies that cause all of this suffering and handwringing. A new Public Citizen report recounts childbirth safety initiative undertaken by four organizations in the past 15 years that have generated striking results. Among them, Premier Inc., a healthcare alliance, reduced birth trauma among full-term newborns by 74 percent in the 16 hospitals participating in its safety initiative.

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