Health System Achieves 34 Percent Decrease in Hospital-Acquired C. Difficile Infections in Three Months; Annualized Savings top $1M Last Updated: April 4, 2017
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Collaborative Approach Enables Facility-Level Teams to Drive Change Across Four States

To ensure Good Help to Those in Need ®, Bon Secours Health System, Inc. (BSHSI), a 19 acute-care hospital system, employs a quality improvement governance structure known as Clinical Transformation (CT), which provides oversight on processes and practices that impact patient experience, health care efficiency and patient safety. Concerned about hospital acquired infections, BSHSI’s CT leaders partnered with Premier’s Clinical Performance Partner Program to structure and implement an initiative focused on reducing hospital-acquired c. difficile infections (HA-CDI). With the guidance of Premier’s resources – and following Premier’s proven performance improvement methodology – BSHSI implemented a system-wide, rapid-cycle change project to improve testing and diagnosis of HA-CDI.

Validation Studies Point to Clinical Practice Variations in Testing and Diagnosis

Using Premier’s “Opportunity to Action” blueprint – which combines the power of Premier’s analytics, national benchmarking capabilities and an evidenced-based approach to healthcare improvement – the Clinical Performance Partner Program (CPP) team launched a validation study to diagnose variation in practices thorughout the health system’s 12 hospitals that participated in the initiative.

The validation study, a key component in assuring highly reliable patient care, revealed several common opportunities to standardize clostridium difficile (c.difficile) protocols and laboratory collection processes that impact the diagnosis and treatment of patients with HA-CDI.

The BSHSI 30-60-90 Day Collaborative for Reducing Care Variation

Armed with more relevant data, Premier worked with an integrated improvement team of care providers and ancillary services to implement system-wide changes to reduce variations in testing and diagnosis. By partnering with local teams of infection control practitioners, laboratory and nursing personnel, Premier’s Clinical Performance Partner rapid-cycle change process incorporated onsite assistance, coaching calls and monthly collaborative calls to revise testing protocols and implement process changes across the health system.

Improved Quality and Accuracy:

Premier Is Here to Help

Premier supports healthcare providers in providing high-quality, cost-effective services to their communities. Paired with quality and safety technology products, Premier acts as a change agent by providing a structured framework to improve outcomes while positively impacting cost of care.

“In partnership with Premier and their quality improvement services, we were able to identify and address variations in practice that were contributing to our HAIs. Premier’s Clinical Partner program has helped us maintain focus on high-quality, evidence-based care.”

Dr. Andrea Mazzoccoli, Senior Vice President and Chief Nurse & Quality Officer, Bon Secours Health System, Inc.


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