Who it benefits
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Today you have a greater need than ever to lower costs, improve outcomes and assume more risk, knowing that pressures have only increased with healthcare reform provisions. As a member of Premier, you’ll be prepared for the future of healthcare and will actually help transform it. Our members come in all shapes and sizes. The Premier alliance could be a good fit for you too.

You’d be in good company with approximately:

  • 3,900 U.S. hospitals
  • more than 150,000 other provider organizations

Plus, our supplier partners are critical to the success of our alliance. Approximately 1,100 suppliers are part of our alliance, with 2,000 contracts, helping our members reduce costs and improve quality of care.

Through the collaborative power of the alliance, you will:

  • Improve outcomes and lower costs
  • Reveal key opportunities for improvement
  • Join the ranks of top performers in the nation
  • Share in the latest clinical best practices, cost reduction strategies, safety measures and more
  • Influence policy that shapes the future of healthcare

It’s easy to join. Whether you want to lower your supply spend by participating in our group purchasing organization, increase your quality and safety with our healthcare informatics solutions, or improve care delivery by joining one of our collaboratives, we welcome you!

And all members get access to our state-of-the-art technology platform, PremierConnect® – connecting you with actionable information, knowledge and communities of your peers across the country.

Bottom line: If you want to join a group of passionate, forward-thinking healthcare organizations that are committed to transforming healthcare, we welcome you!