Premier Statement on Changes to CJR, Cancellation of EPM, CR Payment Models Last Updated: August 18, 2017
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By Blair Childs, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Premier

While we appreciate CMS making an effort to address stakeholder concerns about large-scale mandatory models, we are disappointed with the proposal to cancel EPM and CR models without offering alternatives to replace them. We believe CMS needs to be a strong leader and create more incentives for providers to move to advanced alternative payment models, including bundled payment. We hope that the promise for a future program that builds on the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) program is quickly followed up on with a fuller, specific proposal. These new models are essential for providers to earn the five percent physician payment bonuses under the MACRA Quality Payment Program (QPP).

Members of Premier have been steadfast advocates in favor of moving away from the perverse incentives in Medicare’s micro-managing fee-for-service system in favor of more accountable, coordinated alternative care models. Through 15 years of experience, we know these models improve quality, reduce costs and enhance the overall care experience. We hope to work with CMS to continue to advance APMs and bundled payment’s uptake in the market.

-By Blair Childs, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Premier