Premier Statement on the Introduction of the Overdose Prevention and Patient Safety Act Last Updated: July 28, 2017
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By Blair Childs, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Premier

Members of the Premier alliance commend Rep. Tim Murphy (R – PA), as well as co-sponsors Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Mark Wayne Mullin (R-OK), Jim Renacci (R-OH), Buddy Carter (R-GA) and Pat Meehan (R-PA)  for their leadership in introducing the Overdose Prevention and Patient Safety Act, legislation that will greatly improve care givers’ ability to provide whole-person, coordinated care, prevent adverse events and enhance treatment for patients struggling with substance use and addiction.

Without this legislation, providers are “flying blind,” barred from accessing this important element of the medical history. Without full and complete information on patients’ substance use, we have effectively set up a two-tiered system – one where those struggling with addiction receive uncoordinated, incomplete care that can exacerbate their condition, lead to unnecessary emergency department visits and potentially even result in overdose. This is a particular issue for accountable care organizations, which are at financial risk for the costs and quality of patient outcomes.

We strongly encourage members of the House to pass this legislation swiftly in order to improve outcomes and remove this information barrier to responsible care. With these changes to the law, providers will be able to proactively help patients get substance use treatments that can save lives.

-By Blair Childs, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Premier Inc.