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Customized data tool

Please note:

Premier developed this customized Excel™ data tool for easy entry and rapid display of the results from the surveys to provide immediate internal review and feedback. The tool is particularly useful for small hospitals or healthcare facilities.

Uses of the tool

This tool makes it very easy to:

Copying data from previous to the updated version
of the Excel tool

If you have data stored in a previous version of the Excel tool, you may copy that data into the new January 2007 version by doing the following:

Premier wishes to thank Westat for their assistance with development, review, testing and revisions of the tool and Indian River Memorial Hospital, Vero Beach, Florida for their critique and enhancements made to the tool.

Download the tool

Important tips:

Customized Excel™ Data Tool, January 2007 (.xls) (4.1 MB)
This January 2007 update replaces the March 30, 2006 version
Premier is unable to provide technical support for the use of this tool. If you have any comments or suggestions for enhancements of this tool, please send an email to

Alternate download:
Customized Excel™ Data Tool, Janaury 2007 - compressed (.zip) (770 KB)
This January 2007 update replaces the March 30, 2006 version
Requires WinZip® program.

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