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Healthcare reform

In the reform decade, clinical quality, operational efficiency, and financial performance are inseparable. Pay for performance and penalties for preventable events will further accelerate existing financial pressures.

Change must start now.

Supreme Court ruling on ACA


Health reform resource center

These are historic times in Washington and among our country's healthcare providers and consumers. After a century of discussion and debate, reform has passed. Our future will be impacted personally and professionally for years to come. We are entering what is likely to be a decade of transformational change. To help you prepare for the strategic implications of reform provisions, Premier offers a wealth of resources, listed below, including recordings and material from our Advisor Live® sessions on reform, material from our health reform executive briefing sessions held throughout the spring and summer of 2010, as well as a wide variety of other resources.

Advisor Live sessions

Premier's Advisor Live is a webinar series that provides discussion on timely topics and best practices in healthcare. Everyone is invited to attend. There is no charge to participate. Reform topics include legislation overviews, accountable care organizations (ACOs), electronic medical records, hospital-acquired conditions, readmissions and value-based purchasing. Visit to register for upcoming programs and to download archived presentations and recordings.


Summaries and side-by-side comparisons:

Legislative resources:

Affordable Care Act Provisions

Other ACA Provisions

Health insurance exchanges

Health insurance reforms

Fraud and abuse