Our member hospitals need high-quality products, careful sourcing and expert supply chain management. They need to efficiently control costs, while delivering safe and effective patient care. You are instrumental in meeting their needs. We invite you to become a part of (more…)

Premier operates a group purchasing organization that is a first choice for not-for-profit hospitals and other facilities seeking high-value contract opportunities and choice for a broad array of products and services. Our ability to drive savings to our members and (more…)

Ultimately, a committee of Premier members decides if a supplier gets a contract, but it’s up to you to start the contracting process. It begins with you registering through our Supplier Bid Portal and introducing your products and/or services to (more…)

I have a product line I want to introduce to Premier. Where do I start? Use Premier’s electronic sourcing process by completing the registration form to gain access to our Supplier Bid Portal. This is your opportunity to define either (more…)