Vendor grievance policy
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Our vendor grievance process allows you to access our contracting staff and leadership to address concerns, grievances or complaints about the contracting process and contract award decisions. You can also submit an inquiry related to the contracting process or award decisions. If you have a general inquiry, please submit a completed vendor inquiry form to or if you have a grievance, please submit a completed vendor grievance form to

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Types of grievances

  • Pre-award – grievances arising during the contracting process prior to contract award
  • Post-award – grievances related to a contract award decision

Timelines for Premier grievances

  • Pre-award grievances must be submitted within 14 calendar days after the aggrieved party knows (or should have known) of the facts giving rise to the grievance.
  • Post-award grievances must be submitted within 30 calendar days after the announcement of the contract award.

A confirmation will be sent to you explaining the process and response timeframe. Concerns, grievances and complaints will be reviewed by the Vendor Grievance Review Panel and recommendations and suggested courses of action (after approval by a member sourcing committee) will be considered final.

Vendors who choose to remain anonymous may raise a concern, grievance or complaint through Premier’s confidential Ethics and Compliance Help Center at 866.294.3701. Concerns, grievances or complaints raised through the Help Center are addressed according to the Ethics and Compliance Help Center process rather than the Vendor Grievance process.

Failure of a vendor to adhere to the policy requirements above may void the grievance.

HGPII Independent Evaluation

Upon completion of the Vendor Grievance Process, a vendor may request further review of any outstanding concerns through the HGPII Independent Evaluation Process (HGPII Evaluation).

Any vendor that agrees to binding arbitration as part of the contracting process may avail itself of the vendor grievance process with respect to any dispute or grievance in addition to binding arbitration. This Policy is intended as an alternative dispute resolution process and is not intended to waive any rights the vendor or Premier may have related to the enforcement of binding arbitration or any other legal rights and remedies.