How to become a supplier
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Ultimately, a committee of Premier members decides if a supplier gets a contract, but it’s up to you to start the contracting process.

It begins with you registering on and introducing your products and/or services to us through PASSport 2.0 on the Supplier Bid Portal.  As contract opportunities become available, new and incumbent suppliers register bids and we typically spend a year or longer working our way to contract awards. Remember, completion of the product introduction form does not guarantee that your company will be awarded a purchasing agreement.

Getting started

Register with us

  • Complete the registration form to begin your contracting process with Premier. Since you’re just starting out in our contracting process, you’ll only need to fill out Personal Information section on the registration form. You must check the “Supplier Bid Portal” box to receive your username and password. If the Supplier Bid Portal box is not checked or if you accidentally fill out sections 2 and/or 3, your registration request will be denied.

Wait for your confirmation email

  • If you’re approved, you’ll receive an email containing the username and a temporary password needed to introduce your products and/or services to us through PASSport 2.0 on the Supplier Bid Portal.  Please allow 48 business hours for processing and delivery. For customer service, contact the Premier Solution Center at 877.777.1552 or

Register your interest in a bid through the Supplier Bid Portal

  • Go to PASSport 2.0.  Login using the username and temporary password you received via email (see step 2). You will then create your permanent password. Browse the Supplier Bid Portal and register in the applicable contract category or categories. Please note not all categories are open to registration. Mark your calendar to return and register prior to the beginning of the expected bid quarter if the category of interest is not currently available.

Complete your PASSport training

  • PASSport 2.0 is a Web-based electronic sourcing tool to manage all sourcing and bidding activities from a centralized location. A series of online modules provide you with guidance on how to navigate our electronic sourcing application.

Contract opportunities

To help you stay abreast of contracting opportunities with Premier, we manage a Contract Bid Calendar, which lists contract categories that are open to accept bids, and those that are pending or closed.

If a category is closed, you must wait until the next contracting cycle to submit a bid unless you have a new product that represents a significant advance in terms of safety, clinical outcomes, or operational efficiency over what is currently available. Products that offer a significant advancement may be considered through our Technology Breakthroughs program.

We also offer a program for small and diverse suppliers that allows them to manage shorter term contracts with us. SEEDS (Sourcing Education and Enrichment for Diverse and Small Suppliers) helps minority-, women-, veteran-owned and small business enterprises grow at a pace commensurate with their existing business infrastructure and capacity.

Sourcing process

We use PASSport 2.0, a web-based electronic sourcing tool, to manage all sourcing and bidding activities. Your PASSport submissions become part of our information gathering process as our product planners collect data and facts on the market, suppliers, member buying patterns and preferences. Our thorough product evaluation not only addresses price but also examines product efficacy, effectiveness, reliability, comparability and application. Related products in development may also be taken into consideration.

Contract awards

After the contract negotiations phase, the results are presented to the appropriate sourcing committee. These committees from our member hospitals and other facilities determine which suppliers are awarded contracts. If you are awarded an agreement, our membership would have access to the specially negotiated pricing and terms you’ve agreed to with Premier. Members will decide individually whether to exercise their option to purchase your contracted products or services based on their needs and other factors.