What does it mean to improve performance? If you’re in healthcare, it most likely means that you want to: Provide higher quality and safer care to your patients Lower your costs Improve the satisfaction of your patients and their families (more…)

“Two heads are better than one.” That sums it up. Working together on a solution, collaborating, is the best way to solve a challenge. Sharing ideas, brainstorming, teaching each other, listening and learning, being transparent in your successes and failures (more…)

Based in Washington DC, Premier’s Public Affairs office acts as an advocate for members of the alliance, shaping national policy to improve healthcare quality and reduce waste. We strive to ensure that federal laws and regulations align with our members’ (more…)

To make real performance improvement happen, you have to know where to focus energy and resources. By partnering with Premier, you gain insights you can trust to help you pinpoint underperforming areas to start with. Then you have the confidence (more…)