Premier’s Innovation Engine
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Premier’s Innovation Engine: Fueling the pace of change by bringing together healthcare transformers, change-driven disruptors, forward-thinking innovators and industry leading experts nationwide to partner in a shared mission: improve the health of communities.

An alliance of innovators, we provide todays healthcare visionaries with the tools, resources and support they need to discover the next big breakthrough, scale it across the industry and transform the world.

As a public company at the forefront of innovation, Premier has the size, scale and network to take your idea to the world of healthcare systems and providers, bringing you greater success than you ever thought possible on your own.

Together, we are redefining expectations and awakening innovation driving the healthcare industry.

The Why Behind the What

At Premier, innovation is hard-wired into our DNA. It defines us. Challenges us. Pushes us to think bigger and bolder. That is why we are looking for people like you to help us improve healthcare for our nation and to rethink an entire industry.

We are searching for the dream-chasers. The constant-thinkers. The up-all-nighters. People who have the drive, passion and ideas to make a difference in the world. The next big discovery is literally at your fingertips and we want to help you unveil your innovations.

innovation engineWhether you are a young startup, a serial entrepreneur or
a change-driven disruptor, we can give flight to your vision of making the
infinite possible.

We can help you breakthrough to the next level – putting you one step closer to achieving your dream – because we have the resources and capital you need to pilot and scale your great ideas.

So be bold, be daring and be curious. Allow inspiration to take hold and let the remarkable appear. Embrace possibilities and see where it takes us.

You have the vision. We have the expertise. Let’s transform the world.

Your journey starts here.

The Who and the How

Do you have an idea? An idea that keeps you up at night, and demands you pay attention to it. Every waking moment is spent nurturing and enhancing your idea to make it the best it can be. Because your new medical invention, technology or software can change people’s lives, the healthcare industry and maybe even the world.

Premier’s Innovation Engine works with early- and growth-stage healthcare start-ups that question the unknown and discover new products, solutions and technologies that will help make healthcare better for everyone. We provide these visionaries with space
to operate, resources to support their work and networks to connect with interested parties.

With approximately 3,750 healthcare systems and more than 130,000 other provider organizations in our network, Premier will help you accelerate your innovation to success. We will provide you with the exposure you need to bring your breakthroughs to reality by leveraging your creative discoveries to our unified alliance of members and stakeholders.

Innovation starts with a vision. Transformation starts with an innovation. Premier will guide you on your way to transformation.

Together, let us bring your breakthrough to life and improve the health of communities.

We have the vision to see how it will all come together, even if the pieces and parts don’t yet exist. That’s where we come in to help bring your idea to life. How?

Premier serves as an innovation incubator for healthcare, providing a forum for great ideas, paired with the capital necessary to nurture them, the analytics to help test them and a connected, unified alliance of members and suppliers to scale them.

  • Exposure – Leverage the collaborative power of the Premier alliance through access to members and stakeholders.
  • Capital – Let Premier provide the financial support critical to your growth and scalability.
  • Real World Innovation – Have the ability to implement new technologies or products within Premier member health systems and provider networks to gain necessary feedback for scale and success.


Contact Kayla Sutton for more information on how your health system-directed, game-changing innovation can be featured in Premier’s 2017 Innovation Celebration.