Data Services
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Healthcare is complex and constantly changing. No matter how it transforms, one thing is for sure: Your organization needs to leverage its data to stay ahead.

However, just keeping pace with industry and market shifts can be challenging for health systems whose data is not properly integrated. When data is siloed, it is hard to analyze it for insights that are necessary to move ahead strategically. That’s why data integration and management is key. Health systems have a greater capacity for success when they consolidate data from different sources and provide users with a holistic view of their organization’s current position and trends. With fully integrated, quality data – data that is not fragmented, incomplete, redundant or inaccurate – health systems can more easily reach specific performance measures.

Better decisions, more responsive

When data is integrated and leveraged strategically, it changes the game. But when there is no trust in data, people naturally fall back on using their intuition to make decisions, guide their organizations, and implement strategy. Premier can transform your organization’s raw data into usable, integrated “trusted information” so your organization can start leveraging it to make better decisions and be more responsive to change.

Experience Matters

Let’s face it: Information is power and data fuels information. Knowing how to use data to your health system’s advantage is probably more important than the application you choose for providing insights. As your organization becomes information-driven to confront current and future challenges, Premier’s expertise can be instrumental.

  • Our history – started collecting benchmark data in the early 1980s to determine best practices in labor and clinical areas.
  • Over 20 years’ experience in integrating and managing thousands of data streams for hundreds of providers
  • Our ability to manage data and transform it into usable information and to do it at scale
  • Our approach to “collect once, use many times”


We have deep experience in helping health systems like yours use the right data to shape performance improvement initiatives and achieve quality goals.

You can count on our expertise to help you acquire, validate, integrate and manage data. Premier’s data “Integration as a Service” is a combination of remotely managed hardware, software and professional services delivered on a subscription basis.

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