PremierConnect Enterprise Analytics
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Information is power

To stay competitive in today’s healthcare environment, you need more than data: You need trusted information from across your business available on demand. If you don’t have seamless access to data, if you’re manually extracting it from disparate systems, or if accessing it requires an IT case number, you don’t have true business intelligence.


See How PremierConnect® Enterprise Works


Say good-bye to manual data integration

We understand your dilemma. The data that drives business intelligence is costly and complex to gather and maintain, but full of important insights. So why not let us handle the data acquisition and integration for you? With our expertise, you can spend more time delivering valuable business intelligence to the people in your organization who need it most and less time collecting data.

Uncover and act on real-time data

We have the expertise to quickly launch a data warehouse that can fuel true business intelligence in your organization. Our solution bundles together some of the best data management and analytics technologies in the industry into one platform. With our software-as-a-service model, you don’t have to manage a costly infrastructure. And nightly data feeds allow you to make timely decisions with confidence.

Enable self-service

You don’t want to have to wait for a vendor or a developer to build a new report every time you have a new question or need some insight. That’s why we help you develop the skills necessary to do self-service analytics using our platform. Plus, our experts act as an extension of your IT team, so troubleshooting and resolution are just a phone call away.

Access a community of healthcare business intelligence experts

Work with like-minded organizations trying to solve similar challenges using self-service analytics. Learn and network together, share best and worst practices, and have the opportunity to exchange actual reports and dashboards with one another.


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