PremierConnect Population Health
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Value-based care – trend or reality?

The future of healthcare is no longer uncertain: We are making a rapid shift to value-based care. Now accountability and risk are radically changing the way your business operates. That’s why gaining insights into the cost, quality and satisfaction of the care delivered to your patient population matters more than ever.

Premier can help you turn financial risk into reward. By tapping into the collective knowledge of Premier and our members, you can adopt best practices and avoid common pitfalls. And with trusted insights from PremierConnect Population Health, you can deliver high-quality, low-cost care to your community.

Take the guesswork out of population health and provider performance

We’ve perfected the art and science of collecting information and sharing knowledge. So you can get patient population and provider insights from measuring and benchmarking acute and ambulatory clinical performance. Your organization will be on the path to higher quality, because you’ll be able to make better, more informed decisions — with dramatic results.

These key aspects of your business will no longer be a guessing game:

  • The profile of your at-risk population and which segments have gaps in care: You need a complete picture of all the care patients receive, from primary care and post-acute rehabilitation to the return to health. You also need to identify high-risk, high-cost patients and determine what immediate interventions they now require. PremierConnect Population Health can help you begin to engage at-risk patients carefully and proactively.
  • The performance of your provider network: See which physicians are setting the standard for health improvement by boosting the quality of clinical care and reducing costs. And share the data so they can see exactly where they stand among their peers.

Location matters

Every organization needs a finger on the pulse of its local community health and well-being. You need the business intelligence to identify and address the most urgent health needs in the communities you serve. You may lack the evidence-based data and criteria needed to identify vulnerable sub-populations. That’s where 20+ years of data experience comes in. We have experience conducting, analyzing and now automating your community health needs assessment (CHNA). We provide a more systematic approach in community health assessment that relies on objective, evidence-based data and standardized comparisons.

The result? You can better identify vulnerable populations in need of additional health outreach, appropriately prioritize your community’s health issues, and make measurable improvements.

Experience counts

Turn risk into reward with Premier. We’ve helped hundreds of hospitals transition to value-based care. From this experience, we know what works. First, the foundation of every population health strategy has to be rooted in access to trustworthy data. Second, trusted insights are generated by actionable analytics. Your reward: the ability to quantify clinical and financial risk, predict utilization needs and forecast future costs of care.

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