PremierConnect Quality & Regulatory
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A clear path to quality improvement

When it comes to tracking, reporting and improving quality, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the growing number of regulatory programs, measures and penalties. In fact, you may see them as a distraction to caring for patients.

That’s why we offer a clear path to quality improvement, empowering your organization to focus more energy on providing optimal patient care.

Managing the quality improvement cycle

Perhaps you’re not improving your scores as much or as fast as you need to, but it’s surely not for lack of effort. You know there has to be a better way, and now you’ve found it. Premier is with you every step of the way in your quality cycle management  — from the right data system to focus your team on what works, the strategic insight to make meaningful improvements, and expert guidance  when you need more hands-on direction. As a result, your executive team has the intelligence it needs to understand your top opportunities, and your operations team can see the cost drivers behind the numbers.

Meaningful quality improvement starts with these key questions:

  1. What’s the real measure of performance quality?

We help health systems like yours integrate data and benchmark performance , so you can see where your organization fits in the quality spectrum. When you benchmark your clinical and financial outcomes against your hand-selected peers, you get the insight you need to identify and target high-value improvement areas that bring progress to your own organization. It also gives you the perspective to make decisions that drive greater clinical effectiveness and efficiencies across your health system.

  1. What’s the shortest path to quality improvement?

Finding the shortest path to quality improvement requires correctly identifying underperforming areas and their root causes. Now you can target issues that yield the most dramatic improvements. Your access to the best practices that top-performing organizations use to boost quality can help you create an effective strategy to improve quality and lower the cost of patient care.

Access powerful collective knowledge to discover what works

In today’s healthcare environment, you have to keep pace with change.

We’ve perfected the art and science of collecting and sharing knowledge. With PremierConnect, you participate in some of healthcare’s most strategic conversations. Now you can easily ask questions and get answers from people with firsthand experience. With these trusted insights from members and internal experts who have successfully boosted quality at their organizations, you can make better, more informed decisions.

Access the power of collective knowledge of more than 100,000 healthcare professionals, because knowing what works for top performers gives you the power to take your organization to the top.

Ready to get started?

Your organization’s clinicians and leadership can more strategically make decisions that can yield optimal performance. The result? Improved clinical effectiveness with greater efficiencies across your health system ­— and the advantage of being prepared for what’s next.