PremierConnect Safety
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Unleash the value of your clinicians’ time

Patient safety is the No. 1 priority for hospitals, and the demands on clinicians have never been greater. Clinicians are constantly challenged to provide safe, high-quality care while complying with new, ever-changing public reporting and regulatory mandates.

What if your organization could transparently monitor and protect patients from infections, harmful drug interactions and other adverse events? What if it could free clinicians from dealing with reporting and regulatory mandates so they can focus their time on providing high-quality care?

Banish risk

Risk thrives in gaps of information; and in health care environments, patient data in system silos – lab systems, EMR systems and pharmacy systems – poses a big threats to care quality.

We can help you close those dangerous information gaps, so clinicians can focus on patient care with timely, actionable, relevant data. For over 20 years, we’ve been supporting our members with data integration so we know what works.

Boost quality with real-time surveillance

PremierConnect Safety provides the electronic clinical surveillance your organization needs to gain a clearer line-of-sight into key patient data and trends. Clinicians can be alerted to potential risks so you can improve performance. Infection preventionists, epidemiologists, and clinical pharmacists can gain the timely information they need to make rapid care interventions. Technology can help empower your staff with evidence-based clinical guidance to help cut time-to-appropriate therapy.

Streamline care and improve outcomes

It’s possible to prevent infections and improve clinical outcomes by eliminating unjustified variation and waste. The costs are almost $10 billion a year in staff time and added treatment expense. Of course, this is before accounting for the added financial impact of reimbursement penalties.

Ready to empower your care team with knowledge to improve clinical outcomes and lower costs?

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