PremierConnect Supply Chain
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Are you ready to transform your supply chain?

Value beyond lower prices

Over 80% of supply chain savings are generated by resource utilization, standardization, and eliminating waste — NOT price reduction. In other words, you can’t expect to achieve your supply chain savings goals through price alone.

We understand the new problems facing your supply chain and operational activities. And we have new solutions to help you succeed today – and tomorrow. Our innovative supply chain and operations technology helps your health system drive efficiency and effectiveness throughout the entire procurement life cycle.


See How PremierConnect® Supply Chain Works


Complete visibility to all your spend across your entire health system

Your organization’s overall performance can be negatively impacted by off-contract buying, contract under-utilization and physician preferences. But without spend visibility across all your facilities, you can’t look for opportunities to reduce costs and drive efficiencies.

To succeed today and in the future, your healthcare supply chain needs to be completely integrated and driving decisions that impact the quality of care. We developed our solution with healthcare providers and hospitals, and built in the capabilities for you to leverage our robust item master and healthcare supply chain data.

You’re able to enjoy a performance-enabled supply chain and gain insights across your health enterprise, allowing you to drive standardization and control across your entire healthcare system to achieve your strategic cost management goals.

Integrate, control and manage your supply chain

Your entire procurement process, across all of your acute and non-acute sites, is supported by PremierConnect Supply Chain functionality for a variety of departments and with easy-to-use requisitioning, purchasing, accounts payable, fixed assets and general ledger capabilities.

And our system integrates easily with all major EHR systems. You can feel confident your data is secure and standardized to make real-time decisions. Additionally, this ERP system is scalable and flexible because it’s in the cloud. Plus, users you have the power to integrate, control and manage your end-to-end procurement process.

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