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What works to improve performance

To compete in this ever-changing healthcare landscape, continuous performance improvement is a necessity. You have to know what strategies work to lower costs, improve quality and manage populations – as well as to keep patients satisfied with your services. Knowing what’s proven to achieve these goals is a clear advantage.

We build our performance applications based on real-world experience. And we work hand-in-hand with health systems just like yours.

Launch a powerful performance improvement initiative

Finding the right path to performance improvement is challenging. Data is the DNA of performance improvement. Healthcare is data-rich, and that means more challenges in data management. System silos make it difficult to see underperforming areas. In essence, you’re “flying blind.”

Premier can help free your data from system silos. For over 20 years, we’ve been supporting our members with data integration, both across entire health systems and in individual practice areas or facilities.

Why not reap the benefits of better data management? Let Premier’s highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals integrate your data.

You can take the guesswork out of healthcare performance improvement. Your data will be easy to use and understand, empowering you to take strategic actions guided by the facts.

Grow with trusted insights from 100,000+ healthcare professionals

We’ve perfected the art and science of collecting and sharing knowledge. With PremierConnect®, you can tap into the intelligence of 100,000+ healthcare professionals. As a part of this collective, you can connect with members and internal experts to ask questions, get answers, share best practices and make better, more informed decisions — for dramatic results. The possibilities are powerful:

  • Supply chain executives can make strategic decisions based on real-time data
  • Physicians and CMOs can monitor clinical performance and understand price variation
  • Clinical integration executives can segment populations of patients to understand where to focus care management efforts
  • Infection preventionists can be alerted to possible harm-related events and coordinate care with other departments
  • CNOs can minimize inefficient processes that take too long or require too many employees
  • CIOs can combine data and provide trusted information for strategic decision-making


Benchmark your way to better performance

Evaluating your organization’s performance in isolation isn’t likely to produce the insights you need to get to the next level and beyond. That’s why comparing your performance with an external standard is essential. We will help you benchmark and set effective targets, so you know how to get better faster. With data at your fingertips, your team can focus on making the right changes and tracking your success.

Fast-track performance improvement

To make real performance improvement happen, you have to know where to focus energy and resources. By partnering with Premier, you gain insights you can trust to help you pinpoint underperforming areas to start with. Then you have the confidence to take a fast track to performance improvement.

Learn more about the power of collective knowledge:

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