Improving performance
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What does it mean to improve performance?

If you’re in healthcare, it most likely means that you want to:

  • Provide higher quality and safer care to your patients
  • Lower your costs
  • Improve the satisfaction of your patients and their families
  • Evolve with the changes in care delivery

Does that sound like you? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of Premier alliance members are right there with you.

Together, we are focused on helping each other improve performance by:

  • Eliminating unjustified variation
  • Setting and exceeding quality and safety benchmarks
  • Work towards population health across the continuum

How? Simple. Premier provides performance improvement solutions in


Supply chain type treatment
Our alliance is redefining the healthcare supply chain, driving significant cost reductions. Learn more

Quality type treatment
We increase quality by creating data-driven products that reveal actionable opportunities for members. Learn more

Safety type treatment
Our alliance raises safety to new levels through real-time alerts and best practice sharing. Learn more

Labor type treatment
With extensive labor management expertise, we help members operate more efficiently and manage costs effectively. Learn more

Population management type treatment
We take full advantage of resources and data to manage the health within our members’ communities. Learn more

Pharmacy type treatment
Our all-inclusive approach to pharmacy strategy reduces costs, drives revenue and integrates data with system-wide safety measures. Learn more

Premier Insurance Management Services logo
Reduce risk and insurance costs with solid recommendations based on the shared knowledge of all our members. Learn more

Premier works hand-in-hand with its members every day to develop and advance solutions for the alliance. Join us and be on the front line of healthcare transformation.