Data integration

The traditional approach to data integration is costly and distracting. It requires hardware, perpetual software licenses, complex vendor consulting engagements and expensive integration staff. How many projects are backlogged just because of this?

Integration as a Service is an easier, faster and more economical way to achieve data integration needed to transform your organization.

What is Integration as a Service?

Our definition: a combination of remotely managed hardware, software and professional services delivered on a subscription basis.

Integration as a Service opens new doors to siloed data that you didn’t know existed. It eliminates the high costs of project staffing, acquisition of hardware and infrastructure development, so you can avoid resource-intensive integration efforts that take months and often yield inconsistent results.

It’s flexible and keeps things simple.

Premier can help

Through our acquisition of Meddius, we can deliver data integration like never before to every member of the alliance, offering managed data integration to simplify how members and Premier share data. It’s the underpinning of data acquisition at hundreds of Premier members already!

Our reusable vendor specific adapters do not just skim data from feeds, they can reach into systems to:

  • Move medication orders and administration data into clinical decision support
  • Combine materials management catalogs from across different facilities
  • Pull multiple acute-care clinical data sets into an enterprise data model
  • Integrate the data of the entire health system

Premier’s enhanced data integration technology allows you to:

  • Leverage legacy systems
  • Access real-time data delivery and distribution
  • Respond to real-time events
  • Stay secure with HIPAA-compliant security

In short, we’ve included everything an organization needs to share information across healthcare applications, service providers and communities.