Commcare Specialty Pharmacy
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Specialty pharmacy is one of the fastest growing segments of the healthcare market and represents significant clinical advancement for treating the most complex chronic conditions.

But these unique medications also pose critical challenges to health systems and physicians, like high costs, complex administration, high-touch patient management and high investment in staff training and infrastructure.

To help our members and their affiliates address these growing challenges, Premier offers a unique Specialty Pharmacy and Care Management program that provides:

  • Timely access to therapies
  • Improved care across the continuum
  • Help with medication compliance
  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Reduced medical costs that result from avoidable complications and unnecessary admissions

Our leading service model and proprietary reporting allow Premier members to better care for complex patient populations, improve clinical quality and safety, harness otherwise unavailable clinical data, and manage associated costs.

This program prepares members for accountable care by helping them:

  • Engage physicians and patients
  • Robustly analyze data
  • Scale their infrastructure
  • Better coordinate care

And our Specialty Pharmacy and Care Management program is designed to work hand-in-hand with our Premier Pharmacy Benefit Management program.

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