Elizabeth Ireton, RN, MS
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Elizabeth Ireton supports the Premier Population Health Collaborative, and co-leads the Bundled Payment Collaborative. Elizabeth’s focus also includes care management and post-acute care. Previously, Ireton was a Director of Account Management at Healthways and worked directly with a number of high profile customers, including hospitals, health plans and employers. She also supported a hospital service line division, responsible for business development focused in disease and care management, as well as population health and clinical care redesign.

Prior to that, Ireton worked for several consulting firms including Gartner and First Consulting Group. Ireton is a registered nurse and has her Masters of Science in Nursing. She served as an adjunct faculty member for many years at the Johns Hopkins College of Nursing.

Title: principal, Premier Performance Partners

Area(s) of Expertise: Bundled payment, care management, post-acute care, strategic planning, care redesign