Mark Hiller
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Mark Hiller has extensive experience in financial analysis and developing practical tools to assist hospitals in reducing their costs. He leads Premier’s Bundled Payment Collaborative, providing education, episode development, care re-design, quality and other measurement, cost reduction identification, physician alignment/gain sharing insights.

Hiller designed a model to estimate the potential financial impact on systems related to the application of accountable care principals. He also designed, developed, and implemented the industry’s first revenue management tool that supports a hospitals ability to have visibility to net revenue and bad debt down to the patient account level. He developed a patented model to measure supply intensity by service line and across the whole hospital to help health care systems identify cost savings opportunities based on the underlying supply cost for each MS-DRG. Hiller frequently makes presentations at National meetings and has led multiple facets of the financial and operating infrastructure of a multiple hospital system across multiple states.

Title: vice president, Premier’s Bundled Payment Collaborative

Area(s) of Expertise: Bundled payment, financial analysis and modeling