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Providing innovative insurance solutions to the insurance buying process is what Premier Insurance Management Services, Inc. is all about. Innovative. Transforming. Game-changing.

We’re different because we take insurance and risk management to a new level by interweaving innovative components to your insurance program.

Today, buying the right insurance and engaging risk management services is a strategic process. Collaborating with an advocate who fully understands the hospital model is what sets us apart.

At Premier Insurance Management Services, Inc., we deliver value to members through agreements with numerous national commercial insurance carriers.

We craft innovative insurance programs and services to improve quality, patient safety and financial performance while lowering costs. In fact, we’ve saved our customers over $42 million with our insurance programs.

Property and casualty insurance program

We make it easy for you or your broker to access enhanced benefits with superior protection.

Employee benefits insurance program

We save you money and improve your coverage with a comprehensive data analysis process that ensures you have the best pricing throughout the contract period.

Captive, claim and risk management

We control the soaring costs of healthcare liability and litigation efficiently and effectively.

American Excess Insurance Exchange, RRG (AEIX)

This alternative to the commercial insurance market provides control and governance to non-for-profit hospitals and health systems, helping to more effectively manage the cost of risk.


Premier Insurance Management Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Premier, does business as Premier IMS Insurance Services in California, Premier Insurance Management Services of Illinois in New Hampshire, and Premier I.M.S. Insurance Agency in Oklahoma and New York.

AEIX is an excess professional liability insurer. Premier Insurance Management Services Inc. provides contracted management services for AEIX.


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