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Without a doubt, patient safety is your ultimate priority. You have to deal with transparency and public reporting, regulatory mandates, lack of physician level concern for infection prevention, and legal uncertainties from hospital errors.

Premier strives to help healthcare organizations improve ongoing infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship, while increasing operational and financial performance.

Electronic clinical surveillance has evolved significantly over the past ten years, and we’ve tracked every advance. Experience shows that shared objectives, combined with commitment and transparency in best practices, lead to the most improvement for hospitals. Together, we can improve patient safety and significantly reduce hospital-acquired infections, using:

PremierConnect® Safety

Real-time clinical surveillance enables your clinicians to prioritize their patients and make faster, more informed decisions.

Premier Safety Institute®

We coordinate safety-related activities among national organizations, Premier alliance members, Premier staff, contracted suppliers and the community.

Consultative services

Combined with PremierConnect Safety, Premier Performance Partners enables you to quickly reach performance goals and maximize your electronic surveillance investment.

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