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Premier Applied Sciences is the research and analytics division of Premier Inc.

Premier Applied Sciences uses its unique position as a majority provider-owned organization, coupled with an expert and seasoned research team with the best-in-class healthcare database, to be a leading research and analytics partner for providers, manufacturers, and academia.

Premier Applied Sciences supports clients with solutions across three key domains – data, inquiry and intervention.


Premier Applied Sciences offers a best-in-class HIPAA-compliant database, the Premier Healthcare Database, with over 680 million individual inpatient and outpatient encounters. The Premier Healthcare Database is a non-random, nationally representative database.

The Premier Healthcare Database is unique:

  • High usable with over 375 publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • Deep and broad with over 17 years of continuous data across inpatient and outpatient settings for over 700 systems across 30 therapeutic areas
  • Substantial volume with over 80 million inpatient encounters and over 600 million outpatient encounters with ~160 million unique patients
  • Excellent accuracy and completeness with exacting validation procedures and less than 0.01% missing data

Our clients work with both the complete dataset as well as therapeutic area data extracts.


Premier Applied Sciences seeks to answer questions about past and current states of care. We leverage the HIPAA-compliant Premier Healthcare Database to help pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers ask the important questions:

  • What type of patients or providers are using my product?
  • How are they using it?
  • What are the outcomes of that use?
  • How does my product compare against the competition?
  • What are the cost and value associated with my products?

Our research team includes epidemiologists, health economists, health services researchers, clinicians, statisticians and other experts to support our clients. Examples of how we answer these questions include:

  • Market analysis
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Comparative effectiveness
  • Outcomes research

Our success, partnering thought leadership with our customers, is demonstrated with 175+ peer-reviewed publications.

The Premier Applied Sciences team also utilizes our database to model clinical trial protocols and to identify potential sites. We leverage our existing relationships at member hospitals and systems to identify potential research sites and facilitate engagement with manufacturers.

In addition to the Premier Healthcare Database, we recognize that not all current and future needs can be met by existing data. We offer a variety of services to support new data collection:

  • Chart reviews – supplement to existing data
  • Prospective registries – data collected both from clinical and billing systems as well as directly from patients to support future research needs
  • Surveys, structured interviews and facilitated conversations – gain insight into preferences, decision-making, barriers and facilitators and other topics of stakeholders across providers


Working with our provider systems, Premier Applied Sciences seeks to align care with evidence based guidelines to promote better quality of care and smarter spending. The Premier Applied Sciences intervention work promotes better understanding of how to transform care delivery and the therapies that are best suited to achieve high value care. This focus aligns with Premier’s overall corporate focus of transforming healthcare through improving value in care delivery.

The Premier Applied Sciences scientists and interventional research specialists design projects and educational curriculum to support the goals of the client and our provider systems. These projects are comprised of:

  • Clinical trials of improvement intervention
  • Evaluations
  • Pre-post studies
  • Education

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