PremierConnect Research
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Real World Data Made Easy

PremierConnect Research is a suite of new tools used to generate actionable insights from real world evidence. These DIY tools allow users to interact with healthcare data in a flexible and intuitive web based user interface.  PremierConnect Research gives you the ability to:

  • Instantly access demographic, diagnosis, procedure, medication, device, provider, cost, payer, and outcomes data from over 700 hospitals
  • Answer important business questions such as: What type of patients or providers are using my product? How are they using it and what are the outcomes of that use? How does my product compare against the competition? What is my unique value proposition relative to competitor products?


To learn more about PremierConnect Research, please Contact Us.

Web-Based Visual Analytics

Unlike other real world evidence tools that are difficult to use or lack in-depth data, PremierConnect Research makes it easy to get comprehensive, up to date information quickly without the assistance of data managers or complicated statistical analysis software.


Premier Healthcare Database

PremierConnect Research leverages the Premier Healthcare Database, an industry leading source of real world evidence. See more information in the Resources section below.


To learn more about PremierConnect Research, please contact us.


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