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Premier Research Services is the research and analytics division of Premier, INC.

For more than a decade, Premier Research Services has used its unique position as a provider-owned organization, coupled with an expert and seasoned research team with a best-in-class healthcare database, to be the leading research and analytics partner for providers, manufacturers and academia.

Premier Research Services provides clients with solutions to their most routine and vexing challenges across four platforms – real world evidence & analytics, prospective research, healthcare education, & clinical trial innovation.

Real world evidence & analytics

Premier Research Services leverages the HIPAA-compliant Premier healthcare database – which provides broad and detailed insights from over 700 U.S. hospitals with comprehensive billing, cost, device, medication and procedure data – to help pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers ask the important questions:

  • What type of patients or providers are using my product?
  • How are they using it?
  • What are the outcomes of that use?
  • How does my product compare against the competition?
  • What are the cost and value associated with my products?

Examples of how we answer these questions include:

  • Market access reports
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Traditional outcomes research

Our success, partnering thought leadership with our customers, is demonstrated with 350+ peer-reviewed publications.

Prospective research

Our market-leading data platforms enable access to a variety of inpatient and outpatient data, including rich data from every major electronic health record vendor. Combining our technology capabilities to our deep health system reach, Premier Research Services helps provide insights into key therapeutic areas by providing:

  • Registries to gain detailed insights into therapeutic areas
  • Observational comparative effectiveness research to understand the value of new products coming into the marketplace and help to generate real-world evidence to see how they behave beyond a clinical trial setting
  • Quality improvement programs, grounded in guideline-recommended evidence, to help improve the quality in care of patients across therapeutic domains

Healthcare education

  • Practice based learning
  • Health professional education
  • Patient education

Clinical trial innovation

Premier Research Services has developed innovative solutions to help identify high volume sites, as well as precisely identify patients eligible for enrollment in clinical trials by using our unique data capabilities and connections with over 1100+ hospitals, health systems and outpatient clinics.

Using our analytics capabilities, we help research sponsors with protocol modeling as well as patient population assessments.

Data licensing

Support your own research of healthcare processes, outcomes, therapeutic categories or classes, and even specific drug or device products by licensing Premier’s leading clinical and financial database.

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