PhysicianFocus Hospital
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Physicians are being scrutinized now more than ever. Because of The Joint Commission and other accrediting bodies, hospitals are accountable for evaluating physician performance and using that data to make decisions.

Medical data management is a challenge itself, but managing a successful Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) program and getting physician buy-in is even more difficult. To effectively gain physician buy-in and promote clinical integration, it’s essential to have actionable data that physicians can relate to.

Premier can help

PhysicianFocus Hospital is the fastest and easiest link between your outcomes and costs. Your physicians are able to quickly access accurate and timely clinical information so they can understand practice variations and their performance. This robust, highly accurate data is meaningful and immediately actionable. It’s results-driven, so you can improve patient care, reduce costs and optimize resource utilization like never before.

Our medical data management app:

  • Analyzes your clinical and financial outcomes
  • Links your outcomes with costs
  • Compares your outcomes and performance to peers across the nation
  • Captures inpatient, outpatient and custom measure data
  • Reduces staff workload
  • Minimizes time spent on OPPE tracking
  • Simplifies your clinical informatics analysis

Through an interactive dashboard, physicians can quickly drill down information by disease, procedure and patient. They’ll be able to understand their practice variations and easily identify opportunities for improvement.

Empowered with this clinical informatics analysis, physicians will play a leading role in their improvement efforts and overall outcomes.

Plus, you’ll be able to access PhysicianFocus Hospital through PremierConnect®, our state-of-the-art member platform that brings all your Premier apps together in one place, giving you easy access to the shared knowledge of the alliance, and allowing you to collaborate online with other members.

Member results

Banner Health manages Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) for 8,000 physicians in 7 states.


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