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In today’s environment, there’s more pressure than ever to focus on quality improvement in healthcare. And under value-based purchasing, reimbursements will be determined by a combination of patient safety indicators known as the PSI 90 Composite.

You’re expected to reduce hospital-acquired conditions (HACs), mortality, readmissions and costs while addressing physician practice evaluation. But manual reporting and analyzing your data the old-fashioned way aren’t going to cut it.

With CMS reimbursements on the line, you need access to the right data at the right time so you can focus on developing a quality improvement plan to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Premier can help

Our QualityAdvisor app integrates quality, safety and financial data to help you make better decisions in care delivery to your patients. Powered with this knowledge, you’ll be able to easily identify opportunities for quality improvement and cost reduction.

QualityAdvisor gives you the power to improve your patient care by:

  • Benchmarking your clinical and financial outcomes against your peers
  • Comparing your performance internally and externally so you can make the best decisions possible
  • Identifying care practice variations
  • Reducing mortality, complications, readmissions and HACs
  • Monitoring ongoing efforts to improve quality, resource utilization and efficiency
  • Fulfilling regulatory requirements, including OPPE

You’ll also be able to avoid value-based purchasing penalties while addressing physician performance relative to The Joint Commission evaluation.

By comparing your hospital’s performance and data against other hospitals’ data, you’ll be able to easily find opportunities for cost savings and predict outcomes for readmissions.

QualityAdvisor lets you drill down to individual patient details, and it offers both 3M® APR-DRG and CareScience® Analytics risk methodologies to analyze outcomes. And with our new PSI-90 Composite analysis, you can calculate the composite measure for total inpatient population now and compare your composite performance against the CMS FY15 VBP Achievement Threshold and Benchmark values.

Now you’ll get a better understanding of drivers for variation in practice and better insights for your quality improvement plan.

You’ll get timely, actionable data for all levels of your organization so you can empower your quality and clinical leadership teams with the information they need to support performance improvement and clinical effectiveness.

Plus, you’ll be able to access QualityAdvisor through PremierConnect®, our state-of-the-art member platform that brings all your Premier apps together in one place, giving you easy access to the shared knowledge of the alliance, and allowing you to collaborate online with other members.

Member results

Castle Medical Center cut its heart failure readmission rate by 50%.


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