Supply chain
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We know that supply chain management is a big component of your costs. Second only to labor, your supply chain costs can be up to 30% of your operating expense.

What if you could reduce your health system’s second largest expense without compromising, or potentially improving, patient care?

We take the burden of negotiating prices with suppliers off your hands so you can focus on evidence-based purchasing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large health system or a non-acute care facility, we can help you become a more efficient and effective organization.

Supply chain management isn’t just about getting the lowest price. It’s about making sure the product you’re buying fits the needs of your patients and drives the best outcomes at the best price possible.

Premier can help

Our supply chain management solution starts with our stellar contract portfolio, with prices negotiated on your behalf by our experienced team of negotiators, and continues with industry-leading analytics to make sure your data is accurate, clean and ready to help you make critical purchasing decisions. Because once you’ve got a total picture of what you’re spending, you can lower your supply chain costs and drive value to your organization.

And we don’t stop there. We always are working to evolve the supply chain with new and innovative programs. In fact, we offer:

  • Online, real-time promotions – offering low prices for a limited time
  • Specialty Pharmacy and PBM programs – helping to control your pharmacy spend
  • Sourcing-to-specification and PremierPro product lines – delivering added value and savings

You’re the expert at managing your supply chain, but you don’t have to do it alone. Let us help you manage costs and improve operating margins.

Member results

Northern Region of Mercy Health Partners saved nearly $5 million using supply chain and labor apps.


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