Capital and construction
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When it comes to construction cost and capital equipment, technology and pricing can change quickly. Construction, renovation and capital equipment projects are time-intensive, difficult to manage and expensive. And it’s challenging to determine the right time to invest in capital equipment when budgets are tight and new technology might be just around the corner.

While it’s essential to provide patients with the best facilities and equipment, the costs are high. You need to lower costs, increase efficiency and improve facilities to better serve your patient population.

Premier can help

Our capital equipment and construction services team can help you make the right choices at every stage of your construction, renovation and capital equipment projects.

From the earliest planning stages of your construction or renovation project, to equipment planning, procurement, budgeting and benchmarking, we can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Our integrated approach to capital equipment and construction helps you:

  • Lower cost for clinical and non-clinical equipment;
  • Gain transparency and visibility into product cost, tracking and spend reporting;
  • Collaborate with your architects, general contractors and equipment planners;
  • Engage all stakeholders in the construction decision-making process; and
  • Leverage our people, processes and technology to reduce costs.

Plus, our team of experts can help you plan, build and acquire capital equipment with confidence.

Introducing PremierConnect® Capital Analytics

What is PremierConnect Capital Analytics?

Capital Analytics is a new Premier application used for capital price benchmarking. It allows users to enter their own data and receive instant results, saving time and money while also serving as a central repository for capital price information.

How does Capital Analytics work?

At time of initial launch, Capital Analytics will be used to benchmark member’s capital purchase price at the line item level. Users of the application simply scan and upload their price quote into the system, validate that the information has been populated correctly and the system then creates a price benchmark comparison report. This allows the user to see where their price falls in comparison to Premier’s top tier contract price and other price quotes for the same item that has been loaded in the system. Being equipped with this level of information helps to ensure that users are getting the best price possible for their capital purchases, ultimately leading to the reeducation of supply chain costs.

Click here to see a demo of the Capital Analytics application.

Want to learn more or request a live demo? Contact Scott Jennings.

Member Results

Doctors Community Hospital saved $1 million with planning and sourcing solution.

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