Continuum of Care
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Why should the size of your organization determine how much you pay for products and services? Just because you’re a non-acute healthcare provider doesn’t mean you have to pay more for medical supplies, equipment, drugs and other products and services than larger organizations. And, do you have the time or resources to review contracts and vendors for every single product to make sure they’re offering the highest quality products at the lowest prices?

Premier can help

Our money-saving contracts are available to more than just hospitals! We help non-acute organizations with supply chain management to cut costs while improving quality.

As a non-acute healthcare provider, you’ll be able to take advantage of industry-leading prices on products and services you use every day through our extensive contract portfolio. Contracts are available to cover most of your supply and service needs including

  • Foodservice
  • Housekeeping
  • Office supplies and business equipment
  • Facilities and construction services (maintenance, repair and operations)
  • IT/telecom
  • Administrative and human resources
  • Medical-surgical
  • Pharmacy
  • Lab
  • Capital equipment

You’ll have access to powerful tools and resources to uncover savings and improve efficiency in your supply chain management, labor, foodservice menu development and more.

Plus, it’s easy and risk-free to join. Our Continuum of Care program is one of the largest non-acute group purchasing organizations in the country, serving approximately 120,000 providers. We help with non-acute healthcare supply chain management for ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers, home care, ambulatory care, clinical labs and more.

If you’re a physician practice, you’ve come to the right place. Our ProviderSelect: MD program is designed especially for you. We’ll help you save money on the supplies you use every day, and improve your related operating expenses.

We even extend our savings beyond healthcare! Premier REACH is a leading supply chain management program focused on cost savings, management and operational efficiencies for the education, hospitality and recreation industries.

Member results

Celerion saved $270,000 on office supplies, 50% on scrubs and 15% on housekeeping.

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