Premier’s Certified Sponsor Program
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We know maximizing engagement in the continuum of care market is important. That’s why Premier is pleased to introduce our new Certified Sponsor Program.

PremierCertifiedSponsorLogo_web[2]What is a Certified Sponsor?

Sponsors certified by Premier demonstrate the highest level of commitment to affiliate and supplier engagement. In addition, they adhere to established best practices for running a successful affiliate program. Through an annual recertification process, Premier ensures Certified Sponsors maintain certification requirements including:

  • A dedicated focus on managing an affiliate program.
  • A strategy for enhancing supplier relations.
  • Processes for reviewing affiliate spend analytics and generating contract uptake.
  • Price activation and conversion support for affiliates.
  • Processes for introducing new contracts to affiliates.

Benefits of Working With a Certified Sponsor

Through our certification process, Premier ensures only sponsors with established non-acute continuum of care programs are certified. This means you can trust Certified Sponsors have a commitment to increasing communication, promoting contract uptake and fostering deeper relationships with suppliers and affiliates.

About the Premier Continuum of Care Program

As a leading non-acute group purchasing program, Premier serves approximately 120,000 sites across the continuum of care, such as physician practices, long term care and surgery centers. Our program helps non-acute organizations manage their supply chain to cut costs while improving care.

Premier has a dedicated team available to assist you in identifying Certified Sponsors, determine contract opportunities and contacting sponsors. To get started with the program, call the Premier Solution Center at 877.777.1552 and ask to be connected with your Premier Continuum of Care region director.