Contract portfolio
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One thing is certain: the pressure to reduce costs will continue to intensify. That’s why we’ve negotiated discounted prices for products and services you use on a daily basis.

With our group purchasing contracts, we offer quality, cost-effective products and services from the nation’s leading manufacturers and distributors. And we have one of the strongest contract portfolios for group purchasing in the industry, with 2,000 contracts for use in all areas of the hospital or non-acute setting.

By taking advantage of our group purchasing contracts, you can reduce the total supply expense across your entire organization.

Other benefits include

Our member-driven sourcing process – the way we decide which suppliers get awarded a contract – means the voice of our members is heard. We rely on approximately 380 individuals representing 163 of our U.S. hospital members sit on 25 strategic and sourcing committees to use their professional, objective knowledge and judgment to evaluate and select products on behalf of the alliance.

So our members make the ultimate decisions on what items and suppliers get awarded contracts.

Our group purchasing buying categories include

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We take saving money seriously. Innovative strategies like sourcing to specification, our group buy program, supplier promotions and local and regional aggregation opportunities drive down member costs even more.

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