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While supply expense is just a portion of most hospitals’ total operating expense, an increasingly volatile supply market is forcing many executives to make critical decisions about the hiring of clinical staff, new technology acquisitions and rethinking service offerings and expansion plans.

Premier’s ASCEND collaborative identifies and implements supply chain performance opportunities for participating acute care facilities. ASCEND is designed for Premier members who commit, in advance, to a limited number of suppliers across the portfolio.

Members of ASCEND receive:

  • Group purchasing programs, tiers and prices specifically negotiated for them
  • Benchmarking metrics to assist in determining additional supply chain and operational cost savings opportunities
  • Knowledge-sharing with other ASCEND participants and industry experts via PremierConnect®

The ASCEND collaborative is dedicated to transparency. Members commit to share data using Premier apps like SpendAdvisor® and SupplyFocus®. They share a willingness to partner and share with their peers, making sustainable and scalable supply chain improvements.