Data Alliance Collaborative
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The Data Alliance Collaborative (DAC) helps members accelerate delivery of data warehousing and business intelligence value to their organizations by enabling them to collaboratively innovate. DAC members combine their knowledge and experiences to help each other avoid inefficiencies and accelerate the delivery of actionable insights through multiple channels. If organizations of the Data Alliance Collaborative are leveraging the same data model utilized by PremierConnect Enterprise, they also have the opportunity to participate in PremierExchange™, an online marketplace where members can consume and contribute health care service assets such as reports and dashboards.


The Analytics Maturity Model helps DAC members gauge and benchmark their analytical successes. Success is measured and plotted via four dimensions;

· Data Governance
· Information Technology
· Value Delivery
· Organization

By measuring healthcare systems based on these four dimensions, leaders and senior executives gain an understanding of where the Data Alliance Collaborative can help their organization. Identifying the path to achieve analytical maturity becomes imperative when large investments and important strategic decisions regarding a health system’s information technology are made on a regular basis.

Join a membership of health systems accelerating and navigating the path to analytical maturity.