Performance Improvement Research Collaborative
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We understand that with the unprecedented changes happening in the healthcare industry, new business models are essential to stay competitive and to drive the financial and clinical improvements that are necessary to meet the challenges of change.

That’s why we’ve developed Performance Improvement Research Collaboratives, led by Premier Research Services, to give manufacturers an organized setting to develop those new models.

Our collaboratives connect Premier members to our deep databases that house objective, real-world research and analysis. Add clinical expertise from manufacturers, and you have a joint effort that monitors and improves patient care and reduces costs.

Beyond simply publishing results of a research study, Premier works with manufacturers and providers to create and implement a performance improvement program designed to achieve healthcare improvements in a real-world setting.

The collaboratives combine secondary outcomes research with disease state level performance improvement programs in an 18- to 24-month project that will:

  • Form baseline metrics and create a performance goal for a specific disease state
  • Design a predictive model that readily pinpoints areas of opportunity for providers
  • Jointly design and pilot a change program
  • Refine the change program and make it scalable to the greater Premier alliance
  • Monitor disease state care improvement at a system level
  • Engage outside parties to validate the chosen metrics and reduce any perceived bias
  • Distribute and publish the results to speed up their application into real-world clinical practice


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