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With CMS’s value-based purchasing program, healthcare providers are reimbursed based on the quality of care, not just the quantity of services you provide to patients. It’s important to eliminate errors resulting in patient harm, improve patient outcomes and enhance patient experience.

It has become more important than ever to:

  • Avoid Medicare cuts and earn bonus payments from the value-based purchasing program
  • Avoid Medicare payment penalties for higher than expected readmission rate
  • Prevent being fined for high rates of hospital-acquired conditions
  • Better manage Medicare reimbursement cuts
  • Understand complex health information through healthcare informatics

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QUEST is one of the most comprehensive hospital collaboratives in the nation. With approximately 350 hospitals, QUEST has become one of the only initiatives to help health systems deliver the best possible care to each patient, every time. QUEST participants have avoided approximately 176,000 hospital deaths and $15 billion since its inception in 2008.

Organizations in QUEST are committed to saving lives, safely reducing the cost of care, delivering the most effective care, improving patient safety and increasing patient satisfaction. In fact, QUEST is about more than succeeding under reform. It’s also about leading the transformation to high-quality, cost-effective healthcare.

Participants leverage quality and safety data management analytics to drive performance improvement across 7 domains:

  • Mortality
  • Safety
  • Appropriate hospital use
  • Evidence-based care
  • Cost and efficiency
  • Patient and family engagement
  • Community health

QUEST enables providers to:

  • Participate in rapid performance improvement sprints
  • Collaborate to define performance goals
  • Use healthy competition to drive performance improvement
  • Identify opportunities and best practices
  • Make better decisions about how to improve care and reduce costs
  • Adapt to healthcare reform
  • Gain credibility with physicians and clinicians

With PremierConnect Quality and Safety analytics, providers are able to use data to identify individual opportunities for improvement and compare performance against hundreds of other hospitals, not just those in QUEST.

Ultimately, QUEST participants are better prepared to deal with reform provisions, earn Medicare incentives, avoid Medicare penalties and better manage reimbursement cuts.

QUEST resources

*The above video is historical and was published June 6, 2013.


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