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Is reducing supply cost a high priority at your ambulatory surgery center? As competition increases, are you under more pressure to reduce costs while improving clinical outcomes?

With all of this pressure, would you like to

  • Save money on high quality products and services?
  • Standardize purchasing?
  • Get pricing negotiated specifically for your business?
  • Focus on other things besides purchasing?

Premier can help

SOAR is our commitment-based program, especially designed for ambulatory surgery centers to save you money on products and services you need every day.

As a member of SOAR, you’ll be able to access product categories most commonly used by ambulatory surgery centers, plus all of our other contracts. So no matter what type of equipment or service you may need, we’ve got you covered!

What’s even better? There’s no cost to participate in the program.

Let us negotiate better deals on your behalf through our extensive contract negotiations, data and industry expertise.


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