Vet Your Vendor: When ROI Just Isn’t Enough Last Updated: October 3, 2017
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HealthLeaders Media: Shawn Griffin: Imagine it’s a very stormy night and you are home alone. You hear a knock at the door. You look through the peephole and it’s your analytics provider. Do you pretend there’s no one home or hide the silverware before they come in? Or do you celebrate this unexpected guest and look forward to an evening with an old friend? This may seem like an abstract thought, but the question every organization faces is… who do you let in and when should they leave? After serving as a health system executive for almost 20 years, and now as an executive helping to build next-generation health IT tools and services, I’ve been on both sides of that door. Based on my experiences, I am all too familiar with the attributes of a good IT and analytics partner, and frankly, most are not up to the task.

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