I have a product line I want to introduce to Premier. Where do I start?

Use Premier’s electronic sourcing process by completing the registration form to gain access to our Supplier Bid Portal. This is your opportunity to define either single or multiple product lines that you’d like considered in the contracting process. Once completed, you will receive a receipt confirmation by email.

When are product evaluations performed?

All product evaluations are performed in coordination with Premier's Contract Bid Calendar.

What can I do if a bid period is closed?

If the bidding is closed on a contract category, you must wait until the next contracting cycle to submit a bid unless you have a new product that represents a significant advance in terms of safety, clinical outcomes, or operational efficiency over what is currently available. Products that offer a significant advancement may be considered through our Technology Breakthroughs Program to allow our members more timely access to the latest technology that offers a differentiated advantage.

What is Premier's approach to sourcing?

Our contracting process is guided by the industry's most comprehensive Code of Conduct, which supports healthy competition while encouraging new and innovative suppliers and products to enter the market. Premier's sourcing process ensures that factors beyond price are given serious and appropriate consideration. Especially important to us and our members is clinical efficacy and improved patient care.

Who decides which suppliers get a contract with Premier?

Premier members, through service line specific sourcing committees, determine which companies and products are awarded a contract. The selection criteria can vary by category, and is designed by members who have subject matter expertise on the product category being reviewed.

What types of facilities belong to Premier?

Premier is a leading alliance of approximately 2,900 U.S. community hospitals. Our acute care members and ever-growing population of non-acute facilities span across the map, stretching from Alaska all the way down to the Florida Keys. Among our members are a wide array of nonprofit hospitals and healthcare systems, including many faith-based institutions, committed to meeting the healthcare needs of their communities, yet challenged by competing priorities and pressures. Large and small, urban, suburban and rural hospitals that are driven by these shared challenges unite within our alliance on their quest to deliver quality healthcare services while safely lowering costs.

We also serve approximately 100,000 alternate sites across the continuum of care, meeting the specific needs of non-acute classes of trade, including senior living, surgery centers, physician practices, imaging centers, home care, ambulatory care, clinical labs and more. We even extend our savings to non-healthcare classes of trade, including education, recreation and hospitality, through the Premier REACH™ program.

What resources and support are available to contracted suppliers?

If you are awarded a contract with Premier, you’ll find an unmatched willingness across Premier to help you be successful, which includes our customer service center representatives, a contract manager dedicated to helping you keep your contract operational and a supplier relations team that advocates on behalf of our contracted suppliers. We also offer a marketing program to help facilitate your communications to our members and a talented roster of field staff that influences contract uptake. There are also training opportunities and other staff engagements to help you optimize your relationship with Premier.

What do I do if I have concerns, grievances or complaints relating to the contracting award process, contract award decisions or any other concerns?

Premier’s vendor grievance process ensures a vendor’s ability to access Premier’s contracting staff and leadership to address concerns, grievances or complaints relating to the contracting award process, contract award decisions or any other concerns. A vendor may also submit an inquiry related to the contracting process or award decisions. Review our vendor grievance policy, or report a concern.

Where can I get more information?

Call the Premier Solution Center at 877.777.1552 or solutioncenter@premierinc.com.

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