Premier welcomes suppliers, from small startups specializing in one product, to multinational conglomerates with broadly diversified product portfolios spanning multiple categories.

We help emerging companies position themselves for the national stage, just as readily as we help established suppliers maintain a competitive edge.

Through our well-developed programs that encourage both innovation and competition, small and diverse suppliers have successfully entered and expanded in the marketplace.

For us, it’s not the size of your company or even the length of your relationship with us that matters most. The best supplier partners for us are those who want to forge a mutually beneficial, collaborative relationship and who are committed to delivering the best value to our members.

The most successful Premier contracted suppliers are:

  • Committed to delivering their best value on the national agreement
  • Willing to listen to our members
  • Flexible and creative
  • Engaged and proactive
  • Strategic in their planning and approach
  • Reasonable and focused in their pursuits

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