At Premier, managing labor efficiency and cost is about more than data. It’s about helping you build a sustainable infrastructure for labor management, across the continuum of care.

With more than 45 years of experience in labor management and a proven ROI of 14:1, we can help you effectively create a sustainable infrastructure. Our best practice approach combines our data and consulting expertise to achieve:

  • 10-15 percent greater efficiency without increasing labor cost
  • 10-20 percent lowering of premium pay rates
  • 5-10 percent higher productivity through effective position control processes


OperationsAdvisor is the only suite of labor management applications in the industry that integrate benchmarking and productivity data from acute care, outpatient and ambulatory settings. Analyze and compare your costs, find opportunities for savings and tie employee productivity to your budget.

Labor management consulting services

Premier’s Performance Partners will assess your labor management infrastructure, develop an action plan based on solid data and help you implement the plan for long-term results.


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Proven Successes

Consulting: Partner using supply chain, labor apps identifies savings of ~$5M for OH hospitals

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