Your job every day is to keep supply chain expenses low and run your healthcare organization as efficiently as possible – no easy task. In the face of rising expenses and shrinking reimbursements, you need to cut costs and improve operational performance. You need a tool that gives you the power to quickly find savings, benchmark your supply chain expenses and track your progress.

When done right, benchmarking can provide deep insights into your supply chain performance and help you identify gaps and improvement opportunities.

Knowing where you can improve efficiencies is key to cutting supply chain costs but do you know where to start?

Premier can help

SupplyFocus gives you the data you need to easily identify ways to reduce supply chain expenses. You can easily benchmark supply chain data and act on areas of opportunity with:

  • Quarterly reports
  • Annual roll-up reports
  • Supply expense trend graphs
  • Custom peer groups
  • Drug analysis by therapeutic class

With more than 40 indicators measuring costs and operations across seven service lines, SupplyFocus lets you track your supply chain expenses over time and against your peers.

More than 800 acute care hospitals submit their data to SupplyFocus quarterly, so you can easily benchmark your supply chain data to find opportunities for improvement. Plus, we continually scour the data to maintain the integrity and accuracy of our database. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to quickly and easily identify where cost-saving opportunities exist and benchmark your supply chain data against your peers.

Plus, you’ll be able to access SupplyFocus through PremierConnect™, our state-of-the-art platform that brings all of your Premier apps together in one place, giving you easy access to the shared knowledge of the alliance, and allowing you to collaborate online with other members.

Member results

Based on the data from SupplyFocus, our Supply Chain Excellence Award honors top performers who have reduced their supply and operational costs. Check out this year’s winners.



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